Challenge 15: The Prankster

Last week was pretty quiet on the old social front…

Does that mean I jibbed off a challenge yet again?

Nope! Quite the opposite….

Last week’s challenge was probably my favourite one so far. But I couldn’t blog about it, or post any content about it, because, well, my meticulous plan wouldn’t have worked.

Here’s everything you need to know:

It was my final week in Wyzowl and I wanted to go out with a bang.

I’m not one for nostalgia, but, over the past 3 years, 7 months, and 20 days, I’ve loved every single minute of being an owl.

This is mainly due to the fact that the people are literally amazing. I love each and every one of them – even you, Tom 😉

So I decided to do what anyone would do to the people they love the most:

Prank the shit outta them!

Here’s what happened….

Prank one:

I started small to test the water and see what would stick.

With the help of my accomplice – and BFF sidekick – Kiran Prankster Parmar:


We put the sugar in the fridge throughout the week. People (mainly Janice) commented on how someone was clearly going mental.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of this prank. But it’s pretty straight forward…just imagine sugar….in a fridge.

By Friday it became apparent that it was obviously me, and this simple prank (plus other smaller ones), probably gave the game away for the bigger ones.


Prank Two:

On Tuesday I created a fake gmail account under the name: Charles Kroner.

Charles was a lovely chap. He worked for a local charity and he would go around taking pictures of businesses in the hope that someone would buy one from him.


Unfortunately, we were not that type of business:


Charles did NOT give up:


But still, Matt would not buy the photos.


I don’t see why not…I mean, look at the quality! They’re even watermarked:


Pretty legit, huh?

Prank three:

For my next prank I decided to create another fake profile, but this one was for the benefit of our social media star, Hassan!

A random woman from Alaska, who coincidentally also offered content marketing creation services, decided that she wanted her new online brand to be called Wyzowl.



Fair request, no?

Hassan did indeed fall for the prank, as I overheard him saying: “I don’t think so love!” and quickly fired out this email:

screenshot_20170123-210114_ink_liBut Mark ‘Jonathan Creek’ Moore was straight on my case. He image searched the picture of the account, and found her LinkedIn profile.


Speculation began to bubble around the office (Adam H)….but I think I got away with it, just about.

Prank four:

While all this was going on, Matt sent an email asking if anyone knew any electricians as the lights in the toilets needed fixing.

Two seconds later, Janice sent an email asking if anyone knew any electricians as the lights in the toilets needed fixing.

It was like a sign from god, I had to do something:

Anyone who knows anything about me will agree that I definitely don’t know any electricians.

The lights went out in my flat about 10 months ago, which was fine in the Summer, but in the depths of the winter, it was dark. Very, very dark. I had to carry a lamp around my flat like I was Florence Nightingale. Until the bulb went, and then I literally lived in the dark. Not even candlelight could save my Michelin star cuisine.


Anyway my point is, I don’t sort stuff out, ever. So I definitely don’t have an electrician.

Buuut on this occasion, I told Janice that I knew one called Chris…which just so happened to have the same number as Chris from the office!

She ended up leaving him a voicemail telling him of our terrible plight, and asked if he could call 4040 Media back right away.

The weird thing about this prank is that I watched him listen to the voicemail…..twice……and then saw his face as he sheepishly told Kiran, and then pondered on what to do with it.


Had Janice gone loco?

Maybe he really was an electrician all along and had finally been busted?

Either way, the prank didn’t last the long haul and speculation began to surface once again.

I did try and salvage it with an Oscar winning performance on how my electrician is genuinely called Chris….but I was on like my forth prank now so it was a little touch and go.

Prank five:

Josh is quite possibly the most easily embarrassed human being I have ever met. So what would be more fitting than to buy him an anal prober and get it delivered to the office?!

In case you’ve never seen one, here’s the prober in all its glory:


Although it was part of the basic range… it did light up in the dark which I thought was pretty cool for £3!

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the moment he opened it. But I was told by Adam that his face matched the colour of the probe, so that’s good enough for me.

Oh and Josh, if you’re reading, could you give me some feedback please?


Prank six:

I was then given another idea to prank Josh, in the form of the dishes rota. I can’t disclose who’s idea this one was, but…


Anyway, the thing about Josh is that he leaves work earlier than everyone else so he can catch his train.

We have this lame on-going joke where we tell him he’s on the dishes as he’s running out the door.

Funny right? Well, he doesn’t seem to think so.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to change the dishes rota so that he was on dishes every single week.


This prank didn’t last long at all as judge Janice was on the case, and I got busted.


Prank seven:

So Friday rolled about and I thought I’d saved the best prank till last.

Charles Kroner, remember him? Well, he was back with a new business idea.

He’d invented an alternative Viagra called, wait for it, Rise.

In fact, his Viagra was SO good, he’d just got £15k worth of funding to create a series of videos!

So he called Adam salesman Cain, with the intention of being unreasonable.

He said he needed the video in two weeks time – something that I assumed we would never do and that would be the end of the conversation.

Joke over, right?


It started to get out of hand…

Cainy saw pound signs…

He blocked out time to focus on it…

They had a meeting with Matt to discuss the best course of action…

Matt then sent this information off in a weekly report that apparently goes out to the “board of directors”…

I didn’t even know we had a “board”.


Cainy was raging….Matt (was probably raging) and quickly I became public Wyzowl enemy number one.


I like to think I smoothed it over with a fun pub style quiz at the end of the week……. but who knows.

I guess I just gotta keep telling myself that:


All in all, I enjoyed my week of pranks!

Hopefully my ex colleagues friends have managed to see the funny side, because for the past 3 years, 7 months, and 20 days…. I’ve had the time of my life.


Bye Wyzowl, I’m really gonna miss ya.


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