Challenge 13: The New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year folks!

Hope you all had a fantastical 2016, and whatever you have planned for this year, you go ahead and grab it by the horns!

Okay, enough with the motivational bollocks….

The end of last year was prrreeettty crazy for me. Remember challenge 11, the tourist? Well, the real reason why I went to Amsterdam was because I had an interview at Booking dot com..

And I only bloody went and got the job.

And then I only bloody went and took the job.

And now I’m only bloody gonna go and move to Amsterdam!

Which means 2017 is going to be somewhat different to say the least. But fear not my challenge obsessed friends, I will be taking FWD with me, so you can look forward to some Dutch themed randomness for the foreseeable future.


I couldn’t start Five Whole Days’ 2017 challenges without doing some sort of nod to New Year’s resolutions.

I know, I know, they’re usually pretty lame, and people tend to throw in the towel by day two, BUT, I intend to mix it up a bit and do a different one each day, so hopefully it won’t get too monotonous.

Also, since I’m only doing it for five days, maybe  I should try and do as many as I possibly can throughout the week? But this is one of those thinking  writing out loud moments which I may regret as this week goes on, so don’t go all Nazi on me if I don’t follow through with it.

Do I have any ideas on what I’m gonna do? Not really.

I did flirt with the idea of taking up smoking, because y’kno, I’m really funny an all. But again, this is one of those writing out loud moments that probably won’t happen…

So let’s get on with 2017 shall we?!

Feel free to join me and get stuck in with this challenge, because it means that you can jib off your New  Year’s Resolution by Friday!

As always, thanks for tuning in 🙂


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