Challenge 12: The Mannesquin

Alright so, I wasn’t gonna do a challenge this week since I’m still recovering from Amsta (which was awesome btw)…

But I thought I’d ask my mates if they had any ideas of one I could do with little organisation…

And Estelle said, why don’t you do the Mannequin Challenge?

And then Dr Tom Henderson suggested I call it the “Mannesquin” – and there in our very own YOLO WhatsApp group, a brand was born.

It’s perfect, this challenge has me alllll over it!


If you haven’t heard of the Mannequin Challenge, then, well, you probably aren’t reading this blog right now because you clearly don’t have access to the internet.

Everyone is doing it…

The gym ones like this are probably my favs:

Like, how are they not moving??

So  I don’t think I’ll be able to pull anything as cool as this off, but I’ll try!

I think the hardest part about this week is convincing a group of people to do it…and to be completely still for 30 seconds of course.

I’ll post my vids on Instagram, check em out 🙂

One thought on “Challenge 12: The Mannesquin

  1. What the hell and where the hell is this gym? If I walked into a gym where ALL of the people looked like that, I would NOT get anything done…ever!! Also baffled as to how they are not moving? Are they really that strong or is it cleverly edited?
    Good luck with this one! I’d quite like to see a swimming one…get a group pf people together at a pool haha!

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