Challenge 11: The Tourist

2016 has been a great year for random adventures!

I visited Central America in late March – and loved it so much – I booked flights back a few weeks later to tour the West Coast.

That’s the plus side to being single (with zero prospects) that no-one ever tells you about. It’s literally awesome. You can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, all at the drop of a hat. No ties, no dramas, just random fun that’s completely tailored to you.

Buuuuut since April, I’ve been saving my holiday allowance in the hope that I’ll find someone to come on another adventure with me.

Yet here we are, it’s nearly December, and that still hasn’t happened yet. Ahhh the downside to the single life, no-one else seems to realise how awesome it is, so there’s no one to enjoy it with!

So fuck it, I booked five days off work….and guess what??

I’m going to Amsterdam!!

I’ve never been to the Netherlands before, but I’ve heard great things about the Dam…

I’ll be spending Tuesday-Saturday as a tourist. I’m going to aim to do something typically Dutch each day, or typically touristy, I’ll decide in the moment.

Who knows what I’ll get up to 😉

Well, you will, if you follow my Insta page.

Tot ziens!


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