Challenge 10: The Mate Date


A few people have been asking why I haven’t written up the results of my previous challenges for a while.

Wellllll, I got a little lazy (I do other stuff too, honest) and some challenges didn’t really quantify a full on blog post.

So to kill two birds with one stone…

  1. Vegan week

I definitely passed this week, and I was a pretty strict vegan too! I did everything a vegan does….I watched Cowspiracy on Netflix (pretty decent), harped on about animal rights, and got really excited whenever I found something that I was allowed to eat.

But I’m not here to judge, in fact, I kinda get it. It is hard to live life as a vegan. You’d be surprised at how little supermarkets cater for them, let alone restaurants. So when I did find food that had “suitable for vegans” on the label, it was something worth shouting about.

So vegans, I wouldn’t want to be you full-time, but I definitely salute you.

2.The gamer week

Unfortunately I did not pass this week! My challenge was to complete Super Mario, and it was not easy. Granted, I didn’t play the game for hours on end every day like I apparently should have, but I did play it whenever I got the chance!

I managed to get to world 8 (with the help of a few shortcuts) but couldn’t make it past level 2. I can’t let that little Italian plumber beat me though, so I’m still playing it in the hope that one day I will complete the game.

This week’s challenge: The Mate Date

According to Facebook I’ve got 388 friends, but I’d say I see about 20 of them TOPS.

So this week I’ve decided to re-kindle a few friendships, or spend time with people who I wouldn’t normally spend time with.

The terms of the date include:

  • I need four people (preferably who I haven’t seen in a while) for Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri eve.
  • No I’m not looking for a boyfriend. 
  • Yes I am slightly mental
  • I can’t promise it won’t be awkward.
  • You will feature on my hotly followed (mainly by vegans) Insta page.
  • Mate date activities may include cinema, bowling, drinks, whatever you fancy. 
  • In the interest of equal rights and my bank balance, the price of the “mate date” will be split 50/50.

Will I learn anything from my random mate dates? Will it be ridiculously awkward, or will I make long lasting friendships??

There’s only one way to find out…

See you on Instagram.


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