Challenge 8: The Gamer

It’s definitely been two weeks since my last challenge


See, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. Record breaker week was so fun, I just felt like anything that directly followed it would be a let down.

And no-one likes to be a let down Lennie.

ANYWAYS, I’m back…

So here’s the deal:

I’ve been pondering challenges high and low….and my work buds (who are all massive geeks btw) said I should try and complete a video game in a week.

So for Five Whole Days, I’m going to make Mario, my new best friend.

I wish I could confidently say that I’m gonna be fist pumping my way around the 8 worlds in no time…


Unfortunately for me, I’m not a video game geek, I lack patience, and I don’t have huge amounts of time on my hands.

Plus, the one I’ll be playing doesn’t have a save, so I’ll literally have to start again every time I die.

And I’m probably gonna see a lot of this…


But maybe like less 3D and shit, because I’m doing an old school Mario game.

Either way,  I’m excited!

Now, I’ve no idea who Koopa is….but he’d/she’d/it’d better watch out because I can be scary as hell when I want to be.


Check out my insta for updates, and as always, thanks for tuning in!

PS….Pleeease challenge me here so that I have more stuff to do.

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