Challenge 6: The Calendar

In the world of social media marketing (bear with) businesses will do anything they can to go viral

Whether it’s throwing ice over the CEO’s head to raise money for ALS, or taking an O out of their logo to raise awareness for donating blood, marketers love a good social media bandwagon.

It’s ok though, I’m allowed to be facetious, because I’m usually the person in our office suggesting that we jump on said wagon.

One thing I have noticed when trying to come up with the next viral ‘thing’ is how there is literally a day for EVERYTHING.

  • National giraffe day? June 21st.
  • No socks day? May 8th.
  • Super Mario Day? March 10th.

Yep, if there’s a ‘thing’, there’s a day, and somewhere, there’s some loony that’s celebrating it.

So this week, that loony is going to be me!

I’m going to spend each day celebrating whatever it is the day may be!

Hmmmm…What could these celebratory days be I wonder? Well, you can either Google it, or wait for my Insta posts.

As always, thanks for tuning it! 😉








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