Challenge 5: The Mute

Last week’s challenge was pretty chill, so this week I am stepping up my game…

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

It’s fair to say that I like to talk.

But not just ‘weather bants’ kind of talking.

I like to discuss everrrrything….if there was ever an emo quote that sums me up….this would be it:


Now this incessant need for ‘deep’ conversation results in me being one of the chattiest people going, in work at least.

So what could be more of a challenge than to not speak for an entire Five Whole Days???

Yep that’s right, this week, I won’t be saying a single word. Nada… Nothing… ZILCH.

Well, obviously I’m gonna have to set some ground rules for this challenge:

Rule 1: In the unlikely circumstance that a client wants to verbally speak to me, then I will obviously have to make an exception.

Rule 2: My challenge ends at 5pm Friday.

Rule 3: I can communicate via email, text, paper, pigeon, or any other forms of non-verbal methods.

Rule 4: Some unavoidable noises are allowed, such as sneezing, or laughing (but I will try and keep a lid on that).

And that’s about it, I think.

This week WILL be interesting. Will I learn to listen more? Will I lose my voice forever? Am I about to have the worst week ever?!


Stay tuned to see how I get on 😉




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