Challenge 4: The Top 250

There are two things that I can be certain about in life…

  1. I love watching movies
  2. I am very easily influenced

So it should come as no real surprise that one of my favourite websites is IMDb.

In case you’re an alien, IMDb is a community where absolutely anyone can rate a film. It’s basically the trip advisor of the film industry.

Before I watch any film, I have to check IMDb to make sure it’s got a good rating. If it’s anything below a 6.5 then it’s safe to say that I probably won’t be watching it, at least not willingly.

The unique thing about this site is that those films are rated by the ‘people’, not the overly pretentious critics that seem to think a good movie involves…

  • Shaky camera angles
  • Subtitles
  • Narration


  • Multiple universes, a time travelling rabbit and a vortex.

(10 points if you guessed the film)


It turns out after scrolling through the top 250 that there are a fair few on there that I have still yet to watch!

So this week I intend to educate myself in the world of ‘commercially acclaimed’ films, and watch the first five, in the IMDB top 250, that I haven’t seen before.

I’ll be posting the films, and my expert opinions, on my Insta page!

Feel free to join in, or even join me for a movie night 😀




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