Challenge 3: The Skinflint

So you may have noticed that I didn’t complete a challenge last week…


The problem was, I went to a festival all weekend, ate and drank waaaay too much, and by the time I arrived back at 12.30 AM, I certainly didn’t have time to plan an upcoming challenge.

In fact, not only did I have a week off from Five Whole Days, but I had a week off from being myself.

I became an unstoppable pig-monster that would eat and drink anything in sight.

Donuts? Check.

Chocolate? Check.

Pizza? Check.

Copious amounts of Gin three nights in a row? CHECK.

Yep, It’s fair to say I let sugar get the better of me.


BUT as the old saying goes, all donuts must come to end, so this week I am back on the wagon. The bright shiny wagon of limited calories, no drinks, and plenty of hiit’s.

So what’s the challenge, ffs?!

Well, considering I spent the best part of last week being completely and utterly frivolous (so much so that I couldn’t actually afford to do the challenge that I wanted to do), this week I will be doing the complete opposite.

My challenge for the next Five Whole Days will see me living below my means.

How does it work?

I am going to allow myself a grand total of £5 for the week ahead. And that will include food, drink, petrol, activities – so basically anything that costs money, will have to come into my allotted budget of a fiver!


I’ll be posting my meals on my Insta account, and totting up the prices which should hopefully come to £1 a day. If I spend less than that (lols) then I can have some money in the bank for the following days.

There is actually a charity (The Hunger Project) that organises this as a real life thing that people do all the time, so if you want to donate to the cause then here is the link.

Think I can do it? Stay tuned to find out!









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