Challenge 2: The Results

So this week I decided to go and talk to strangers and it was painful for everyone involved

Yep, I learnt that talking to strangers is absolutely horrible.

This wasn’t a casual ‘weather is nice’ conversation, it was a “hey can I have 3 random facts about you, and also take a photo of you looking scared for your life” type convo.

Alright so maybe my pitch wasn’t great, but on the whole I’ve learnt that people are incredibly sceptical of people they don’t know.

Every single person hated speaking to me, one guy point blank said no. Another lady (who was kind enough to talk) said that she “just wanted to go to work”.

And it’s not like I’m a socially inept person.

I’ve worked in retail, I’ve approached strangers a million times, and I’ve had plenty of ‘meaningful’ conversations.

But the difference in the retail world is that those strangers expected me to talk to them.

The people that I approached this week didn’t understand why I was talking to them because I wasn’t gaining anything from our conversations. There was absolutely nothing in it for me.

Which, if you think about it, is really sad.

When a stranger speaks to you in the street they’re either:

  • Selling something
  • Trying to convert you to Jesus Christ
  • Essentially a loon

I think I fall under the latter. But hey, at least I gave them all a lottery ticket for taking part in my ridiculous challenge, so I could have potentially made someone a millionaire.

All in all, I think there are only two types of people can get away with approaching strangers:

  1. Old people
  2. Dog walkers

So if you’re neither of the above I’d suggest not to bother.

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

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