Challenge 1: The Results

So I did it, Five Whole Days wearing clothes that I have bought, yet never worn before

But what, if anything, did I learn?

Well, mainly that people are actually pretty nice when you try something different!

I got comments like this:


And this:


I had people telling me it was a great idea, so much so, that a few girls joined in too! I mean sure it didn’t go viral, but it did reach my friend Kimmy K in Ipswich, so that’s good enough for me.


Looking good, Kim. Who knew?! 😉

I thought I had plenty of reasons not wear the things I did, but people had nothing but nice things to say to me!

And it got me thinking, why do we buy clothes that we clearly like, if we’re not going to ever let them see the light of day?

I’ll tell you why, it’s that pesky inner wardrobe demon that jumps out whenever you step in front of a mirror, because he likes to burn every outfit you try on.

And it turns out I’m not alone. Most women go through the same thing daily, and it’s ridiculous.

But the more we spoke about it, the more I saw both men and women lifting each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

My life went from this…


To this…


In Five Whole Days.

So if you want to wear those bright pink pants, cute but tight shirt, or a dinosaur jumper at the age of 30, then I say go right ahead.

Wear whatever it is that makes you happy and tell that inner wardrobe demon of yours to pipe the hell down.

Stay tuned for next week!

Fancy setting me a challenge? Then feel free to drop me a message!






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