Challenge 1: The Wardrobe

Deciding what to wear is a daily struggle

In the morning I probably spend about 5 minutes in the shower, 10 mins on hair and makeup, and then a further 45 minutes trying on outfits and picking holes in every single one as to why I can’t possibly wear it.

I mean once I leave the house you should see my room. It’s literally like a bomb has gone off.  Clothes everywhere.

The way I see it is that I’ve got two problems:

  1. I love buying clothes
  2. All clothes look hideous on me

So I counted them up and I’ve got 206 items of clothing, yet I only have 12 outfits that I deem acceptable enough to wear each week.

12, out of 206.


See that lonely looking pile at the front? Yep, well that’s my ‘safe’ pile. The middle is a pile that I’ve worn once or twice, and the pile furthest away is literally clothes that I have bought and NEVER worn.

And that doesn’t include socks, pjs, underwear, my gym kit, or the 48 pairs of shoes that I own!

Now I’m no Carol Vorderman, but that’s like 90% of my wardrobe just sitting there gathering up dust, which means I’m wasting a lot of money.

So enough is enough.

This week, I’m going to wear an outfit that I’ve purchased, yet never worn before.

The guys in the office didn’t understand this challenge when I told them. They said I should wear the same outfit everyday – and that would be a challenge.

Clearly they’ve never pranced around in front of the mirror hating every single outfit they’ve put on because their boobs are too big, their legs are too stumpy, or the colour makes them look like Casper.

If anything, wearing one outfit would be the easiest thing in the world for me to do. I wouldn’t have to think, I’d just put on my assigned clothes and go.

So that’s what I hope comes out of this challenge. That I get over any ridiculous insecurities and actually start wearing the other 90% of my wardrobe!

Failing that, I’m gonna be late for work for five days.

I’ll be posting my hideous outfits via Instagram, if you’re interested.




2 thoughts on “Challenge 1: The Wardrobe

  1. Reblogged this on A little bit of me and commented:
    So I follow this blog and think the idea behind it is fab. This was the very first challenge she took on and what a great idea and super way to get through all of those clothes tucked away at the back of the wardrobe…
    I’ve decided I need to challenge myself a little. When I say little, I mean start slow and build up to bigger and more exciting things ha! Follow this lady’s page and challenge her!!

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