Five Whole Days, what’s the deal?

The moment we burst out of the womb, we’re at our most unruly…

We want to eat, sleep & poop whenever, wherever – and we don’t care who knows about it.

The problem is, we lack routine.

So for the first 5 (ish) years of our lives, our parents work tirelessly to drum us into a well-oiled routine machine.

And this incessant need to create a familiar routine that we must stick to every single day is instilled within us forever.

Like a big fluffy comfort blanket that we’re too god-damn afraid to unwrap.


See that idiot clambering over a car? Yep, well that’s me and I’ve become pretty fucking bored of my routine.

Recently my friend Adam told me to watch this Ted Talk (it’s pretty funny for any procrastinators out there) and it shows our lives as boxes*.  And the guy shows you how many boxes make up 90 years, and it’s nothing!

Like literally, nothing.


*Ok these are circles, but on the video it’s boxes.

So why are we clinging onto our boring routines, rather than doing something that we actually want to do?

This is what my typical day looks like….

I get up, eat my porridge, do some work, eat some tuna, do some more work, come home, work out, eat some chicken, watch a murder documentary, go to bed – repeat.


That bored me just typing it out, so I apologise that you had to read it.

So I came up with “Five Whole Days” in which I will challenge myself to do something fun for five days.

Each week will bring a different challenge, so I’ll be stepping outside of my routine/comfort zone, at least just a little.

Now I’m not saying I’m about to do any challenges that’ll make the morning papers, far from it…

I’ve had suggestions from walking backwards, not talking, and dressing like the Queen, to, hitch-hiking to work, taking part in all-you-can-eat food contests, and wearing no makeup.

I’m not looking to change the world here.

I just wanna have fun. That’s what I believe life should be about, having fun.

So that’s what I intend to do.

Feel free to start challenging me to stuff, otherwise I’ll run out of ideas and go back to my lame ass routine.

Thanks for making it this far!

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